Welcome to SportLogger, the endurance sport training log on the web to use with your GPS tracks.
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What is SportLogger?


SportLogger is a web application designed for people practicing regularly endurance activities they record using a GPS logger. By importing and tagging your GPS tracks, you get a clear view of your sport activities both in space (on a map) and time (on a calendar).

Main features


General view with the fullscreen map and the calendar on the right. Each event on the calendar is related to a track on the map and has its own color. Command menu is just above the map.
Use mouseover to highlight a track and the contextual menu to perform an action with current track (sharing, export, get profiles, hide,...).
Altitude / distance profile chart. Move mouse on the profile chart to get related location on the track.
Time / distance profile chart.
Speed / Distance profile chart.
Google Street View is automatically highly integrated with your track. You can navigate both on the map or in the Street View panorama by clicking on both green or blue dots to move forward or backward. You can even drag & drop the pegman.
Form to upload your tracks and add metadata: activity, label, name and comments. You can freely create new activities and labels. You can notify your followers on Twitter about availability of your new tracks.
You can display tracks & events filtered by labels.
You can also display tracks & events filtered by activities.
Get overall stats of all your uploaded tracks.

How to record tracks

A lot of products are available to record GPS tracks. It can be dedicated devices or applications on smartphones with GPS chip included.